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Women, Sex and Advertising Part 1

2008-11-04 01:17:51 by christiangamer

I want to start out by saying that I love women. I love the way God made them, from their bodies to their minds. Its so different then us men, so wonderful in its complexity and yet simple in that God created someone who would make man complete. To be Equal. Even if you don`t believe in God, its simple to see that men and women are on equal playing grounds. However, it is true that men do things better than women in certain aspects and activities and women do better on others. We are to complete one another, to help one another and to be apart of each others lives, even if you never marry.

Women are precious, and I don`t say that in a demeaning way, but in a awesome wonderful way. Men can be too, but no one can be touched or feel like a womans heart does. You may ask, but as a man how can you know that? Well, experience and the Bible I suppose. Being with many types of women have shown that women have something special that God put inside them. Most call it being "emotional" all the time, a weakness that has to be "put down" to be strong.
But isn`t love the greatest and most powerful thing ever?

One clear indication of this special love is a mothers love. Nothing in this world comes closer to God`s love to humans in my mind then a mothers love to her children (and to others as well). Its a Precious love that we men must strive for because for years we have been indoctrinated to be "hard" and not let emotions get the better of us. And to some aspect it is a good thing men are not so emotional, cause lets face it, this world we live in sucks sometimes. Death,war and so many things could stop one from trying to live, to move on. Sin has led to so much confusion and horribleness that sometimes you just have to grid-up and move on. I`ve had to do this when my best friend died last semester. I had to stand strong for my friends. And I thank my fellow women friends who cried and wept over our lose. I didn`t cry, I held it all in. I wanted to but I couldn`t. Thank you for being who you are, its not weak, in fact a lot of times it takes great strength to cry, to allow emotions to sweep through. Thank you for being there for me.

Now, I don`t want to stereotype women to be all emotional and men not to be, because their are plenty of women who are hardcore hard and men who are highly emotional (I am one of those at many times, I get it from my dad), but as for most in what I have seen and how we are created, its true.
And its a good thing. We compliment one another. How can you look down on one part because its unlike you? Or because you see it as weak?

What if the body did this? The hand would say to the toe, "I am above you in every way! I am the best, in fact we cover you up so much that people don`t even know you even there! Thats how unimportant you are." But without the toes you would walk in circles and your balance would be completely off, so if you could`nt walk, where would your hands go? Its silly, but we do it in this world all the time.

Now, I say all this to say, women, your awesome. Your wonderful and God created you special for a special purpose. And thats not to be used or be ruled over by men. Men are natural leaders because God made it that way, but He did not make us men to be dictators over women or land. Many would see the Bible as to say "women obey your husbands, as this is right" as to say, women you better obey every man whenever he says something. And thats just ridiculous, and the Bible isn`t that stupid to say that without putting a mandate on men.
And what a mandate it puts on us.
"Men LOVE your wives as Jesus loved the Church"
Thats more love than any man will ever reach, and God knows that, but its in that striving to love like that that we men treat women right. We uphold them, love on them, keep them from harm and sinfulness by doing what is right first and foremost (meaning men dont tell your girlfriend not to do something and you go and do it yourself, don`t be a double standard). To TALK to them as equals, and look women in the eye (because no woman I know has eyes in their breasts). We are to always do what is right for them before us, always. Jesus is the perfect example for us men to follow, and if your not a Christian you can still do what is right by looking at what He did.
He talked to women no other man would even get close too. He saved them from men who had done just as much wrong as they did (in fact they were FAR worse). He healed them and told them to live great lives, not to be sex slaves. He let them know they were beautiful and that they also had a voice and it was a good one. He forgave them (as he forgave men).

All in all, we need men whom women can look up to not be ruled by. Women make great leaders, do not get me wrong, I can name a heck of a lot of women who beat men at being a leader.

But its men who should wake up and be who they should be. Not "sex hungry animals" who look out for number one. Not being dictators over those who he sees as "weaker" then himself. Not allowing the mere look of a woman to be the redeeming factor to be with a woman.

And I say all this is retrospective. I understand women have done just as much wrong as men. That roles get reversed all the time. That nothing is really black and white.

But I do say that women are different from men, Thank God. And that they are Equal. And each have certain things they do best and neither is above another.

As men we have for too long looked for "hot" women. Slender blond's who's boobs speak louder than their voices. And women go along with "what works." Not all, but too many. Do breasts really matter that much? Does hair styles have more to do with a womans mind then what they think? Are butts so attractive that men HAVE to stare and make rude remakes about them?
I mean, no female is 20 forever. And unless you have millions to spend on plastic surgery, your breasts will not be perfect forever and that butt isn`t going to be "sexy" forever (to young guys anyways) and your hair will turn grey and white and get all "old". (Odd how men do the same thing huh?)

How dare men put such a mandate on women. We men will get old also, and hair will leave and skin will wrinkle and Viagra won`t work forever. It may seem rude but its true. What makes men so perfect that we need "perfect" women?

Women, don`t let men tell you whats what and don`t wear these sexy shorts and such so that men can allure at you, your all above that. I want to hear what you are thinking, not what your body has to say. (Although my flesh may enjoy it, its not right nor does it need more wood for its fire so to speak

Here is my deal and I`ll leave you with this.
How can man measure a woman on a scale that he himself cannot reach?

And I say ALL this to go into my next note, how advertising has made it out that women are mere sex symbols and that is the way it should be. Go watch "Killing Us Softly 3" to prepare yourself. Its an eye opener.

Killing Us Softly Video

Women, Sex and Advertising Part 1

Gas Prices

2008-09-14 00:44:48 by christiangamer


Well, at least I am when I saw the prices today. The price of gas was ONLY 3.69! Luckily my best buddy tipped me off and I got a fill up of that 3.69 of gas. Now all I have to do is take a deep breath and only go to school and home and NO where else! Yea!

Not really. I am blessed to live only 6 minutes away from school (and job if they finally give me work). But I also have to go to church, into town and holy crap if I actually need to go to Nashville.

And I feel really bad for you guys who have to drive SO far just to get to work and really bad for you that live so far from school. I hope you can stand against the tide just as Texas refineries are with Ike blowing in.

This is ridiculous! Seriously! The price of the oil barrels have hit a all time low at 100 bucks a barrel! Why then is the gas spiked to 5 bucks at places?!

Well, refineries are required to process that oil right? Get this, 1/4 of ALL the processed gas/oil comes from the Gulf Shore refineries in Texas. 1/4!! Thats insane! And when one storm blows in (yeah its a big one, but we get hurricanes all the time now) it stops these from producing! So now we will be running on 3/4 the amount of gas we normally run on for a few weeks.


Thats how I feel about the whole situation. This is pathetic, how will America get free from foreign oil when we can`t even take a impact from one hurricane and it takes out 1/4 of our gas.


Thats what I say to the oil/gas companies hitting it big with all this. Getting rich from us. And you know they are, look at their sales! Look at the huge impact its making on their incoming cash vs out-going costs. This is wrong, plain and simple.


Thats what I`ll be doing for a few weeks I suppose. But, maybe with a new president coming in, things will finally change. Thats for another blog though, which will be coming soon.

But I know, no matter what, God is there. He`ll take care of us. And I hope gas goes down soon, maybe its just a scare so people will get a bunch of gas so that there will be a big flow of cash coming in for awhile. Who knows. All I know is that going anywhere I don`t need to is out for awhile.

Here is a video talking about the info I just gave.

Gas Prices SOAR! MSNBC

I just hope we can get away from gas soon (we already have cars that do great without it. And we have cars that do SUPER on a little gas. Whert it all) Car companies are really about to get it bad, I am guessing some won`t last through the next three months. Its over cause they just didn`t go with the flow. Better gas mileage NOT "bigger is better".

Good luck and God Bless you all!

Gas Prices

I had NO idea that people here would accept a newbie on the forums like they have and make my post go SO far, at first I thought it would be banned. Then after two days I thought it would die, and now, its at 1,404 Views and 64 replies! Absolutely awesome!!

I want to say thanks to everyone for all the incredible pictures! Seriously, it makes me feel more apart of NG now, this place rocks! I hope this thread lives on for a long time, I`ll continue to post pics and such as long as people want it up. If you haven`t, you ought to go see what people have done to me on there, hahaha.

I know most are wondering.....what the heck is WRONG with you?!?! Well, thats me, I love taking pics of myself (all crazy, I aint no model) and make people laugh. Plus, I am just crazy I guess, better than being normal I suppose. But yeah, keep up the awesome photos and I`ll give you all the material you`ll ever need.

Your all the best of the bestest, even if you believe I`ll never get married or whatnot.

Photoshop Me

Here is my Photobucket account, enjoy and do what you wish, I`m sure you can find something useful to photoshop with, if not, then tell me what you wish to see me do in a photo, its the least I owe after all the cool responses.

My Photobucket

God Bless,

This pic is one of my favorites, thanks so much for it!!!!

My awesome "Photoshop Me" BBS Post


2008-07-26 02:59:34 by christiangamer

I finally beat Gemcraft! Its one awesome game, very challenging, sometimes to the point of going nuts!
Haha, I uploaded a video of my game to show off my win, so you can see where I put what in my abilities and such. I got the Glowing Score on ALL levels! Even all the secret ones, which is seen on the video. Also, if you wish for me to help or want to ask anything then go ahead, I`ll do whatever. I am thinking about taping me beating the last battle and how to beat it, what do you think?

God Bless,

(The pic is from the video, no worries, its only 2 mins long.)



I like it here

2008-06-22 20:53:24 by christiangamer

Just like to say I love the Audio Portal. The tunes take me places I wish I could go in real life. It seems life is passing me by so darn fast. I am soon to be 21, many of my friends are getting married or in a relationship. I myself have never had a girlfriend nor am looking for one at the moment.

Being a Christian also makes things even odder......knowing things and yet nothing. Life is still a mystery to me.

But at least I can come here and listen to something new and fresh, and makes everything feel better. Thanks to all those that use their creative side. And thanks for sharing with me, it helps.